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I sent too little BTC. How to complete the transaction?

Probably the amount of BTC sent did not include the transaction fee. The missing difference should be sent to the same BTC address as the transaction is too small. After sending the difference and its 1 confirmation in the network, you will be able to receive money in a bitomat. If the missing quantity is not known, please contact us by e-mail:

What is the lowest exchange amount in a Bitcoin ATM?

In the case of selling and buying cryptocurrencies, it should be more than 10 EUR.

Bitcoin ATM is not working. What to do?

The problem with the Bitcoin ATM should be reported by phone: +34 644 946 954 giving the location and the exact problem (the screen does not respond, a message is displayed). If the problem was not resolved remotely or we could not get through, please send your request by e-mail to the following address:

Bitomat took the banknote(s), but the amount is not displayed

In this case, please contact Customer Service Team The report should include the address to which the BTC was sent, the amount that was put into the Bitcoin ATM, the forms of return: sending the BTC to the address provided (please provide the address to which the difference is to be sent or write that it is possible to send to the old address) after the current BTC rate on our part.

How many maximum can I exchange Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies with you?

There is no daily limit when exchanging cryptocurrencies. However, it is always worth informing the operator about replacing a larger amount, so that conditions for it can be prepared.

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