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Bitcoin ATM operator "" in Barcelona at EBC 2023
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Bitcoin ATM operator "" in Barcelona at EBC 2023

Bitcoin ATM operator are going to Barcelona for the European Blockchain Convention 2023 on 15-17 Feb!

Bitcoin ATM operator are going to Barcelona for the European Blockchain Convention 2023 on 15-17 Feb!

What is the EBC?

The European Blockchain Convention is Europe's leading Blockchain and DLT (distributed ledger technology) event. This year it’s taking place in Barcelona, Spain from February 15th to 17th at the Hyatt Residency Barcelona Tower at Fira Gran Via. Except the Bitcoin ATM operator, there will be hundreds of crypto-related companies.

Bitcoin ATM operators will be coming to EBC in Barcelona!

Who will be in Barcelona, except Bitcoin ATM operator?

This convention, which is in its 8th iteration this year, aims to bring together political and business leaders of all kinds, start-ups from all countries, investors, government officials and representatives from financial institutions. It will therefore be a rare chance not only to meet with those who are setting up blockchain projects or have already started using it, but also to hear about proposals for future action from governmental authorities. With over 2,500 attendees and 200 speakers, it shouldn’t disappoint.

What will Bitcoin ATM operator be doing there? will be bringing one of the Bitcoin ATMs along to the EBC in Barcelona. At the stand you will have the chance to use the ATM, answer questions, and most importantly... just hang out and talk about blockchain. This will be an excellent time to network and meet like-minded individuals and businesses who want to push the boundaries of the crypto industry.

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Booth project posted by Bitcoin ATM operator on Twitter

What is blockchain?

The official website of the EBC states that blockchain is “the technology behind all cryptocurrencies” which has been around for over 10 years now. While many people have heard of blockchain, they may not know how it works or what benefits it offers.

The Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Assets eco-system will be the leading driver of the 4th Industrial Revolution adoption in the European market in 2023, as we are already seeing. The convention is committed to building a much needed bridge between Europe and other regions by driving blockchain technology adoption forward and facilitating a new distributed data economy.

The key challenge for this technology is its lack of regulation. This means that there are no clear rules or standards on how to use it or store data on it, which makes it difficult for businesses who want to adopt this new technology into their business models. In order to democratize access and protect users from fraudsters who use Blockchain technologies without permission from owners, governments need regulations that can be enforced globally rather than localized solutions like those used by Canada or China where national laws have been created based on existing national laws instead of having any international agreement about what should happen when someone does something wrong with their product (such as pump-and-dumps).

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona, Spain is where it all began with the first convention and provides a central location for connectivity to over 700 million people living within less of a 4-hour flight. The event also serves as an important opportunity for important individuals to meet one another outside of traditional forums such as Davos or Washington D.C., thus creating new relationships that can help advance their own initiatives.

Bitcoin ATM operator posted progress of building a booth on Twitter

The city itself is known for its beautiful architecture, which has been well preserved since its founding by Romans centuries ago; and many buildings still stand today in their original condition!

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Why the Hyatt?

The Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower 5 star Hotel is one of the most emblematic buildings in the city, as well as being world class and luxurious, with 29 floors and 105 meters high, designed by the prestigious British architect Richard Rogers. Crowned by an impressive glass that offers unique 360º views, its futuristic silhouette, as well as its privileged location on Gran Vía, make it the first skyscraper to be seen from the airport, located less than 10 minutes away and 20 minutes from the city center using the Metro. The hotel is 5 minutes from the metro station. The breakfast and gym facilities are of a very high standard too.

It also has 4,100 square meters of usable space adapted to be divided into several meeting areas with a maximum simultaneous capacity of 1,800 people, and an auditorium with a capacity for 500 people, making it the ideal setting to host the European Blockchain Convention and because it is not located exactly in the centre, it is perfect for a relaxed atmosphere away from the bustle of the city.

What events will be going on at the convention?

The European Blockchain Convention will host a series of panels and workshops both in-person and via livestream spread over 2 days. Click here to see who the speakers are.

The first panel takes place on Saturday at 11AM - Cybersecurity, Identity & Privacy in the Blockchain Era, which will also deal with Digital Asset Compliance.

In addition to this the EBC Blockchain Awards which is the official European Blockchain Convention recognition to the 100 top early-stage blockchain startups in Europe will be announcing the winner out of the 10 finalists.

Keep in touch with and the EBC

The original Shitcoins Club channel on Telegram is one where you can learn news and updates about upcoming events, giveaways and other interesting things! You can also check out TikTok, Instagram and the other media. The company has Bitcoin ATMs not only Barcelona, but also in Madrid and many other cities/countries.

To sign up to the European Blockchain Convention newsletter, click here or check out their website for more information about the convention.

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