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What is a Bitcoin ATM in Madrid?
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What is a Bitcoin ATM in Madrid?

Bitcoin ATMs, or "crypto ATMs," are self-service kiosks that enable users to easily exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for cash and vice versa.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATMs, affectionately known as "crypto ATMs," are self-service kiosks that make exchanging cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for cash a breeze, and vice versa. These modern machines offer an exciting alternative to traditional ATMs and connect to the blockchain and users' crypto wallets instead of bank accounts. Most Bitcoin ATMs in Madrid support both buying and selling transactions, although not all machines in Spain offer the same features.

Bitcoin ATMs work in two directions, meaning, you can both sell and buy there*

*Bitcoin ATMs on our list of Crypto ATMs in Madrid allow both buy and sell, but not all of them in Spain offer such possibility.

The most important advantages of Bitcoin ATMs

Supporters of Bitcoin ATMs mostly like the convenience, the cool, cyberpunk feeling of using them, and low fees during discounts (0%). Here you can learn more about Discounts No Fee to buy Crypto at Bitcoin ATMs in Madrid. There is no need to wait for money, or set up an appointment. No need for a registration as well. It is enough to approach one of the many bitomats available all over Madrid and you can immediately start buying or selling crypto. In addition, thanks to the fact that Bitcoin ATMs are fully self-service, and do not require account registration at any site with cookies, and no connection to a bank account, they provide a greater level of privacy.

Purchasing Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM in Madrid is a piece of cake

  1. Scan the QR code from your mobile crypto app connected to your crypto wallet.
  2. Insert the desired amount of cash into the machine.
  3. Confirm the transaction, and voilà, the funds will be sent to your wallet address.

How is the process of buying BTC at a Bitcoin ATM?

Buying BTC in a bitomat is extremely simple and requires only some basic input. You just scan the QR code from your crypto app in your mobile phone which is connected to the crypto-wallet. Then the customer has to insert the appropriate amount of cash and insert it. After inserting the last banknote, you still need to confirm the transaction, and the funds will be sent to the wallet address provided at the beginning.

How to sell bitcoins at a Bitcoin ATM?

Selling Bitcoins is as intuitive as buying. In this case, the customer starts by specifying the amount he wants to withdraw at a given moment (a multiple of PLN 100). No authentication is needed, at least not at the ATMs here on the site.

  1. Specify the amount you want to withdraw (usually in increments of EUR 100).
  2. No authentication is typically required at most ATMs in Madrid, if the amount you are looking for is about 300 EUR.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction and receive your cash.

Find the closest Bitcoin ATM in your city

Bitcoin ATM can be found in all of Madrid. Check the list of machines and the info about opening hours, locations, reviews etc. at our List of Crypto ATMs in Madrid that allow to sell cryptocurrency.

You'll find Bitcoin ATMs sprinkled throughout the bustling city of Madrid. To locate the nearest one in your area, consult Coin ATM Radar, a comprehensive online directory that offers details on opening hours, locations, reviews, and more. Simply enter your location, and the website will generate a list of nearby Bitcoin ATMs, complete with maps and directions.

In conclusion, Bitcoin ATMs offer a user-friendly and convenient way for Madrileños and visitors alike to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They simplify the process and provide a fascinating alternative to traditional banking methods. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to skyrocket, we can expect to see more Bitcoin ATMs popping up in cities worldwide.

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