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PUNKS & Bitcoin ATMs Madrid: Revolutionizing Crypto Exchange with Unmatched Leverage Trading
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PUNKS & Bitcoin ATMs Madrid: Revolutionizing Crypto Exchange with Unmatched Leverage Trading

The aim of this article is to unveil - first crypto exchange with unlimited leverage - and all the amazing features that makes it stand out in the world of crypto exchanges.

PUNKS: The Ultimate New Crypto Exchange for Leveraged Trading

Are you looking for a crypto exchange that offers unlimited leverage, low fees, high liquidity, and freedom from KYC? Do you want to trade spot and derivatives markets with the same account without the hassle of constantly changing between the two? Do you want to have full control over your funds and decide your own risk level? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to check out PUNKS, the ultimate crypto exchange for leveraged trading.


I was recently fortunate to attend the EBC conference of 2023 in Barcelona and I came across the Bitcoin ATMs of the company which, as my readers will know, I am already very familiar with and regularly recommend. I noticed this time however that they had a section devoted to the latest project of theirs,, the cryptocurrency exchange which I will be covering in this article.

The aim of this article therefore is to unveil and all the amazing features that makes it stand out in the world of crypto exchanges. The vision they carry is nothing short of groundbreaking, so here are three key reasons why I think is set to take the crypto world by storm:

  1. Unleashing the Power of Spot Trading The thing that impressed me the most after talking to the staff, was that at, they want to offer something truly unique in the crypto space: unlimited leverage in spot trading. While many exchanges focus on derivatives and futures trading, they want to revolutionize the spot market.
  2. Anonymity What I always loved about the Bitcoin ATMs was their lack of snooping on my details when I made a transaction. Punks, in the same tradition, is going to allow you to open an account and trade without going through a KYC process. For more insights into Bitcoin ATMs' approach to privacy, check out our article on Bitcoin ATMs' privacy features in Madrid.
  3. Low Fees Having used so many exchanges and read what people on public forums discuss, it is obvious that high fees are a big turn off. Luckily, the Punk fees are going to be low enough to attract a lot of users. Discover how PUNKS' fees compare by exploring our analysis of Bitcoin ATM fees in Madrid.

What Sets Punks Apart from the Rest?

The crypto exchanges of Spain and Madrid are far and few between. In fact, PUNKS want to be a global phenomenon. In a sea of perpetual exchanges, is certainly a standout platform. If you're curious about the competitive landscape in Spain, read more about the scarcity of Bitcoin ATMs in Spain and Madrid.

Why Choose

Here's a few bullet points of the main things you need to know about why could be the future of crypto trading:

  • Unlimited Leverage: They provide unlimited leverage on the spot market – a feature that sets them apart from the rest.
  • Low Fees: Their fees are competitive, ensuring that your trading experience remains cost-effective.
  • Enhanced Liquidity: By combining the liquidity of both spot and derivative markets, they aim for a more stable and secure trading environment.
  • User Empowerment: PUNKS believe in giving you the power to make your own choices and trade at your own risk.
  • Proven Track Record: Learn more about the company's history and reliability in our piece on the success story of Bitcoin ATMs in Madrid.

Join the Revolution!

What I love about is that they encompass the whole original ethos of Bitcoin and crypto in their service - that is, to be on the side of the users, and not on the side of the regulators and financial institutions. Now, I know what you are all thinking - "Nobody is interested in leverage trading", but don't believe them! Many traders (including myself) swear by it. For a counter-argument, see our analysis on why investors use Bitcoin ATMs to buy or sell crypto.

To conclude, PUNKS have a unique use case and are set to make crypto trading fun, accessible, and rewarding.

The PUNKS leverage revolution COMING SOOON!

Juan Carli

Blockchain developer, used to own 2 Bitcoin ATM locations in Madrid

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