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Bitcoin ATMs near me: where and how to find them. Complete guide
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Bitcoin ATMs near me: where and how to find them. Complete guide

Let's go over the most important ways of finding Bitcoin ATMs near you: GoogleMaps, coinATMradar, Let's compare these methods.

Bitcoin ATMs near me: where and how to find them. Complete guide.

Wondering how to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM in Spain, eg. Madrid or Valencia? We will cover this and all the related topics in this article. First, let's focus on the most popular methods in Spain for finding nearby ATMs offering quick crypto to cash.

Bitcoin ATM near me - The Three Key Methods of Finding Them

  • Google Maps - the main advantage is customer reviews, while the disadvantages include insufficient information (for example, can’t check fees or funds inside an ATM).
  • CoinATMradar - popular aggregator of Bitcoin ATMs with a function to search nearest ones and filter by manufacturer. Bigger brands show fees there, but site never displays available funds and information may sometimes be outdated,
  • - advanced Bitcoin ATM map in Italy with real-time data on available funds, online status, commissions, KYC limits, cryptocurrencies, photos, usage guides and the list of reviews scraped from GoogleMaps for each location. Bidirectional devices only. The downside is that it excludes less popular operators with few ATMs that may be near you, focusing only on the large brands. However, that has its advantages, too.

We also encourage to use our detailed list of Bitcoin ATMs, assuming you are only looking for ATMs in Madrid.

How to find a Bitcoin ATM near me

One of the shortcuts would be to ctrl+F city where you live and then check:

  1. Cajero Bitcoin Alcampo
  2. Cajero Bitcoin Alicante
  3. Cajero Bitcoin Badajoz
  4. Cajero Bitcoin Barcelona
  5. Cajero Bitcoin Barcelona Badalona
  6. Cajero Bitcoin Barcelona Tordera
  7. Cajero Bitcoin Barcelona Vila
  8. Cajero Bitcoin Burgos
  9. Cajero Bitcoin Canaria
  10. Cajero Bitcoin Cordoba
  11. Cajero Bitcoin Coruna
  12. Cajero Bitcoin Fuengirola
  13. Cajero Bitcoin Granada
  14. Cajero Bitcoin Ibiza
  15. Cajero Bitcoin Irun
  16. Cajero Bitcoin Leioa
  17. Cajero Bitcoin Leon
  18. Cajero Bitcoin Logrono
  19. Cajero Bitcoin Madrid
  20. Cajero Bitcoin Madrid Avenida
  21. Cajero Bitcoin Madrid Las Rosas
  22. Cajero Bitcoin Madrid Lazaga
  23. Cajero Bitcoin Malaga
  24. Cajero Bitcoin Mallorca
  25. Cajero Bitcoin Marbella
  26. Cajero Bitcoin Murcia
  27. Cajero Bitcoin Orotava
  28. Cajero Bitcoin Palma
  29. Cajero Bitcoin Pardo
  30. Cajero Bitcoin Reus
  31. Cajero Bitcoin Sabadell
  32. Cajero Bitcoin Salamanca
  33. Cajero Bitcoin Salt
  34. Cajero Bitcoin Sevila
  35. Cajero Bitcoin Sevilla
  36. Cajero Bitcoin Torrevieja
  37. Cajero Bitcoin Valencia
  38. Cajero Bitcoin Valencia Saler
  39. Cajero Bitcoin Valladolid
  40. Cajero Bitcoin Vigo
  41. Cajero Bitcoin Viladecans Barcelona
  42. Cajero Bitcoin Vitoria
  43. Cajero Bitcoin X Madrid
  44. Cajero Bitcoin Zaragoza
  45. Cajero Bitcoins Alicante
  46. Cajero Bitcoins Malaga
  47. Cajero Bitcoins Murcia
  48. Cajero Bitcoins Palmas

Looking up Bitcoin ATMs in Valencia using the methods outlined in the previous paragraph, we quickly find:

Cajero Bitcoin Valencia #1: Centro Comercial El Saler

  1. Address: Av. del Professor López Piñero 16, 46013 Valencia.
  2. Nearby landmarks: This Bitomat is located near the escalators, close to the Pandora, Intimissimi, and Tenezis stores.
  3. Withdrawal limit: You can withdraw up to 1000 EUR a day without KYC.
  4. Operating hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Cajero Bitcoin Valencia #2: Calle Ceramista Ros

  1. Address: Calle Ceramista Ros 18, 46014 Valencia.
  2. Nearby landmarks: Located next to Tecnolent Optics.
  3. Withdrawal limit: You can withdraw up to 1000 EUR a day without KYC.
  4. Operating hours: This Bitomat is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Both locations offer the convenience of online transaction status checking and route planning. They provide an accessible way to engage with cryptocurrency in Valencia.

Map showing Bitcoin ATMs in Valencia

After finding a Bitcoin ATM near you: how it works

Bitcoin ATM works intuitively and quickly because it resembles a regular ATM - with 2 simple differences:

  • Instead of a credit card, here you scan the QR from the app of your cryptocurrency wallet.

  • You keep the purchased cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin) in your crypto wallet address, which is the equivalent of a bank account.

Watch out: ATMs of the most reliable operators in Europe do not force you to download their wallets and do not require lengthy and annoying registration. You should be able to use just any wallet you wish. After all, Bitcoin ATMs are supposed to be quick, convenient, and respect your privacy. When choosing a Bitcoin ATM near you, it is also a good idea to find operators with low fees that have been on the market for at least 5 years. ATMs respecting all these very particular conditions can be found on this Map of Bitcoin ATMs.

Found Bitcoin ATM near you? First, check the discount

Did you find that you have a ATM Bitcoin near you? Then, there is something useful you should know.

While the average fee for Bitcoin ATMs around the world is between 8% and 15%, this leading Bitcoin ATM operator in Italy, Shitcoins.Club, is known for reducing its fees to 0% (no fee) or adding +2% extra bonus for you, compared to cryptocurrency exchanges (+2 EUR for each 100 EUR transaction).

This operator with nearly 250 ATMs has been on the market since 2017, making it a reliable choice.

Found a Bitcoin ATM near me: Now, how to sell crypto to cash?

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you want to sell.
  2. On the screen of a Bitcoin ATM, click "Withdraw Cash."
  3. Enter the amount of cryptocurrencies you are interested in selling to EUR.
  4. Transfer cryptocurrencies from your digital wallet to the address provided with the QR code.
  5. Wait for the network confirmations.
  6. Collect banknotes.

The process of buying is similar and can be watched in the video guide.

Bitcoin ATM near me - Summary

Nearby Bitcoin ATMs are easily accessible as long as you use reliable and updated maps. Some are better for finding them, others for navigating to the ATM in the car. Good Map of Bitcoin ATMs near you should include information on the address, available funds, online status, opening hours, photos, reviews, link to GoogleMap, driving directions and more.

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