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Bitcoin ATM operators attending the Next Block Expo 2023 in Warsaw
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Bitcoin ATM operators attending the Next Block Expo 2023 in Warsaw

Bitcoin ATMs from Madrid arrived to NBX 2023!

Bitcoin ATM operators in Warsaw

This year in Warsaw, Poland the 2nd edition of the Next Block conference took place in the rented space of a cinema complex next to Warsaw’s main train station. This will be one of many conferences  this year attended by, who are seeking to expand their expertise in providing Bitcoin ATM services across Europe and beyond. already have almost 200 machines operating in Europe and are constantly pushing themselves to provide a wider and more flawless service to their clients. Producing, firstly, their own ATMs, and then integrating them into their network, they are known for their extremely low fees and friendly customer service. In fact, the company is looking to branch out into crypto exchange waters by creating their very own exchange based in Poland. The road looks exciting for this intelligent team of Poles.

Interesting talks and workshops for Bitcoin ATM operators and crypto exchanges

Spread over 2 days here were some of the most interesting lectures from the conference. Included is information containing the title, giver(s) of the talk, and the type of subject matter it concerns as well as the type of talk it will be.

Wednesday ● 24th of May

11:00 AM 

AML for Crypto: Challenges and Changes

Michał Szałas, White Collar and Tax Crime Expert

Legal, Workshop

11:30 AM 

What Types of Scams Exist in the Cryptocurrency Space? 

Igor Haleta, QMALL

Web3 Discovery, Workshop

12:00 PM 

DeFi Lending & Leveraged Investing in Crypto

Peter Sumer, Bitmarkets

DeFi, Keynote

12:00 PM

How to Connect NFT with Real Business Assets

Maciej Sagal, Hubburger

Piotr Liroy-Marzec, Hubburger

NFT, Workshop

12:30 PM

Smart Contracts in Ink!: A Working Programmer’s Guide to The Crypto Industry 

Piotr Moczurad, Aleph Zero

Scaling&Infrastructure, Workshop

12:50 PM

Beyond Borders: Blockchain, Liquidity, and Global Financial Markets - Innovating the Future of Finance

Paweł Łaskarzewski, Nomad Fulcrum Hedge Fund

Scaling&Infrastructure, Keynote

1:00 PM

The Secrets of Web3 Marketing

Arne Selig, BerlinDAO

Web3 Discovery, Workshop

2:15 PM

Scaling Blockchain for B2B Commerce: Removing Smart Contract Risk

Alexander Hobbs, Zenotta

Scaling&Infrastructure, Keynote

2:30 PM

Ryzyko na rynku kryptowalut, czy Influencer to Twój wróg? (Risk in the crypto markets, are influencers your enemy?)

Patryk Kempiński, WeMakeIt Digital Agency,

Mike Satoshi, Krypto Naród

Robert Banaszek, KryptoEkipa

Kamil Predecki, Encyklopedia Kryptowalut

Maciej Tomczyk, Kryptoekipa

Web3 Discovery, Workshop, Polish only

3:00 PM

CEX What’s Next? 

Marcin Lewandowski Moderator

Dorian Vincileoni, KuCoin

Kyrylo Khomiakov, Binance

Peter Sumer, Bitmarkets

Web3 Discovery, Roundtable

4:20 PM

Beyond Crypto: Why NFTs are Shaking up The Digital World! 

Robby Schwertner, Innomagic Moderator

Maverick Milkowski, Star Heroes

Eric Heinemann, Chainalysis

Philipp Stegmann, BlockConnect

Sergiu Draganus, Ludo

NFT, Roundtable

Thursday ● 25th of May

10:50 AM

Autonomous AI Agents for Talents and brands Management 

Mariusz Połeć, Metatalents

Jędrzej Jezierski Moderator

Web3 Discovery, Roundtable

12:00 PM

Backbone of Binance Liquidity

Diego Clerc, Binance

DeFi, Keynote

12:00 PM

Wprowadzenie do Futures Trading

Dominik Marszałek, Bitget

Kamil Jakub, Bitget

Paulina Humerczyk, Bitget

Fundraising&Investing, Workshop, Polish only

Rust: The Future of Safe, Interoperable Money 

Bruce Porter, Washington Elite

Fundraising&Investing Keynote

Persons of interest for Bitcoin ATM operators

In addition to the interesting talks, let’s have a look at the interesting speakers one could meet at Next Block Expo 2023. You can find their name, position at the company, a short bio, and mention of any talk they might have made at the conference. Be sure to look them up!

Sergiu Draganus


Sergiu Draganus is a serial entrepreneur and one of the architects,, CryptoCoin.PRO & Sergiu is passionate about online marketing automation tools and Blockchain technology, and has experience in public speaking on cryptocurrencies, Blockchain innovations and big data mining.


Beyond Crypto: why NFTs are shaking up the digital world!

Barry'ego Ben-Azera

PR and Marketing at MarketAcross

Barry has been an experienced professional marketer for 11 years. Expert in internet marketing, public relations, video and display advertising, client and business development, advocacy and media, Blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrencies. In his free time, he listens to folk music and follows his favorite soccer team, Fiorentina.


Marketing in the Web3 and Blockchain environment

Michal Levich

YouTuber, Influencer and Entrepreneur

Michał Lewicz – YouTuber, influencer and entrepreneur, creator of e.g Money makes money brand, CMO w Space Cartels – Play and Earn Strategy Game.

His journey began in late 2016 when he bought his first Bitcoin. Since then, he has not stopped improving his skills and knowledge about alternative ways to earn money. Cryptocurrency has always been his favourite. On Michał Lewicz's YT channel you will find over 1000 useful videos about cryptocurrencies. He intends to share his knowledge, tips, but also the failures he experienced with anyone who wants to use it.


Basics of Security in the World of Cryptocurrencies

Zoe Wei

Senior Business Director at BNB

Zoe Wei is now Senior Business Director of the BNB Network and is driving the development of the ecosystem in Europe. BNB Chain is the leading public blockchain that has the most active users in the world. For the past 4 years, she has worked in several key positions at Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. She managed the Binance Fan Token business and achieved a 3x increase in fan token market capitalization. She built the fiat business and Binance Connect from the ground up and grew it into a billion dollar business in less than 2 years. Now Binance is the world's largest fiat and crypto gateway by number of users and transaction volume. In the meantime, she built the Binance NFT operation and led key transactions at Binance Labs. While at Binance Charity, she piloted the Binance Lunch for Children project and designed the Pink Care Token, which sponsored feminine hygiene products for 1 million young women in Africa.


Greenfield: The future of decentralized storage

Diego Clerc

Institutional Business Manager at Binance VIP

Diego has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2016, he started his career in the industry in 2018, joining, one of the oldest crypto companies in the world, where he spent three years building their VIP team. He has a background in FX where he spent almost 3 years before joining the crypto industry. He will give us insider insight into market cycles as well as a clear overview of what institutional players are doing in crypto today.


Binance's liquidity foundation

Nikita Sachdew

Luna PR, founder and CEO

Nikita Sachdev is an Indian-American serial entrepreneur and investor who discovered her passion for the crypto and blockchain space in 2017. Working for crypto giant Huobi ignited her interest and led to the launch of Luna PR in her showroom, which has now evolved into an award-winning public relations and marketing agency based in Dubai, with offices in Miami, Singapore and London with a team of over 100 professionals.
PR manager The parent company of Luna Media Corporation is also home to web3 venture capital, a foundation dedicated to educating underprivileged girls in India, and Cointelegraph MENA.


Marketing in the Web3 and Blockchain environment

Dominik Podlaski

Technical Analyst at Bitget

Dominik is a technical analyst at Bitget, a leader in cryptocurrency exchanges in derivatives and social trading. Fascinated by cryptocurrencies, he became a trader himself and started writing about it a few years ago, providing useful information about the market and its current trends.


The future is now: adopting crypto innovation for success

Filip Wielanier

CEO at Cookie3

Former Deloitte employee with over 6 years of experience in IT, banking and marketing. Associated with cryptocurrencies for over 4 years, community leader since 2018, member of many DAOs. Strong managerial, business development and problem solving skills. A scholarship holder of many leadership and mentoring programs. Technical background with an entrepreneurial approach and focus on UX.


Marketing in the Web3 and Blockchain environment


Use of on-chain and off-chain data in Web3 marketing campaigns

Sławomir Śmiarowski

General Manager at TokenEX

General Director of TokenEX. It aims to find simple solutions to complex business problems. Enthusiast of new technologies, mathematics and blockchain, but above all their application in everyday business. Previously involved in projects in the financial markets and games sectors, e.g. one of the first online currency exchange systems.


LAW AND ORDER - NBX Episode - Everything You Wanted to Ask a Web3 Lawyer

Marcin Lewandowski

Binance Angel on Binance

Marcin (马丁), lawyer, entrepreneur, real estate agent, associated with cryptocurrencies since 2017, started his career in the industry in 2020 by joining Binance as Binance Angel. He worked with many Polish cryptographic companies as a Business Developer, advisor and cryptographic educator. Marcin has over 9 years of experience as a lecturer at postgraduate studies at WSB Merito University.


CEX What's next?

Maciej Grzegorczyk

Legal and tax advisor, creator of

Legal advisor and tax advisor, founder, managing partner at KHG Law Firm.


LAW AND ORDER - NBX Episode - Everything You Wanted to Ask a Web3 Lawyer

Baiba Brock

Legal Counsel

Member of the Governing Council of the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT-Rome, Italy) Legal expert in international private law, digital assets, financial law and corporate governance.


LAW AND ORDER - NBX Episode - EverythingYou wanted to ask Web3's lawyer

Glib Udovychenko

Founder and CEO of Whitepay

Glib Udovychenko has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency and payments industry and is ready to share his expertise in combining cryptocurrency payments for various business areas. Over 10 conferences as a speaker and a comprehensive presence in the crypto media.

Whitepay is a SaaS company that provides cryptocurrency solutions for companies and charities. As you may know, crypto payments have many advantages that many are unaware of. Glib Udovychenko managed to create a unique product that would change the payment industry.


How can your business accept cryptocurrency?

Alin George Luca

President of Enfineo

Visionary CEO of enfineo, a leading digital currency expert and serial entrepreneur since 2014. He has experience in international business and is fluent in Dutch, French and English. Driven by a passion to promote innovation and a strong desire to succeed in the dynamic and challenging world of cryptocurrencies and new payment solutions.


Enfineo: bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and fiat

Marek Porwol

Entrepreneur, founder and president of Grupa Hajsoholicy

Marek Porwoł, Polish entrepreneur, founder and president of the company Hajsoholics group – a community of enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and alternative ways of investing, such as whiskey, gold and lego. He has been active on the cryptocurrency market since 2013, when he collected bitcoins from faucets. Its goal is to help people manage their wealth wisely. preaches the principle of good capital and household budget management. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, he is a blogger, influencer, YouTuber and investor.


Basics of Security in the World of Cryptocurrencies

Sylwia Puzuk

CEO at

Syliva Puzuk, CEO, business trainer, mentor, trader, investor, educator. For 17 years associated with the financial industry, and for 7 years with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. It develops one of the largest information and educational platforms in Poland on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology -


Would you invest in a SCAM? Check yourself!

Kamil Predecki

Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia

Kamil Predecki has been running a YouTube channel called "Encyclopaedia of Cryptocurrencies" for over 5 years. Author of two books on cryptocurrencies and educator of the blockchain market.


How to search for GEMs?


Internet of blockchains. Is it a buzzword or the future?


How to find "GEMs"?

Robert Banaszek

COO at KryptoEkipa

Enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and physical gold. In cryptocurrencies since 2017. Soccer fan. Chiliz Alliance and Chiliz ambassador in Poland.


Risk in the cryptocurrency market, is Influencer your enemy

Kamil Jarżombek

Investor, advisor, influencer

An investor with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market. Founder of the second largest crypto youtube channel in Poland. Helping web3 companies in the early stages of development.


Investment theses: Why is it worth betting on non-obvious events!


Is Crypto Winter Over?

Are there any other crypto conventions where you can find Bitcoin ATM operators?

Sure! Be sure to check out , BTC Prague convention’s website. This is an event that took place on June 13th - 15th 2023, in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. With over 4000 attendees, this makes it twice as big as the Next Block Expo, and shows the immense interest in crypto in Europe.

How can I learn more about Bitcoin ATMs in Madrid?

In the author’s opinion some of the best ways to find out more about what Bitcoin ATMs are is in our guiding article on how to use Bitcoin ATMs. Alternatively you can also look up the FAQ of to get more answers about their services, but by far the best option is to join the conversations on their Telegram group where real life users interact daily with questions and suggestions.

Are Bitcoin ATMs safe to use in Madrid?

Of course. You can read more about this in our article on using Bitcoin ATM safely or just look up where you can find these Bitcoin ATM by clicking on this map showing the Bitcoin ATM locations.

Happy investing!

Juan Carli

Blockchain developer, used to own 2 Bitcoin ATM locations in Madrid

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