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New Bitcoin ATM in Spain!
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New Bitcoin ATM in Spain!

Yet another crypto ATM was launched in Salt Girona, Spain. You'll find it at the Centro Comercial Espai Gironès (Camí dels Carlins, 10), on level 1, near the restaurant and cinema entrance. Amazing!

Spain has a new Bitcoin ATM in Girona Bitcoin ATM are present in various parts of the country. Another device was launched in Salt Girona, Spain. You'll find it at the Centro Comercial Espai Gironès (Camí dels Carlins, 10), on level 1, near the restaurant and the cinema entrance. 

Cajero Automatico Bitcoin en Centro Comercial Espai Girones Cami dels Carlins 10
In the photo you will see a new Bitcoin bitcoin in Centro Comercial Espai Girones on Cami dels Carlins 10.  

The ATM BTC  is available during the gallery opening hours:

  • Monday - Saturday: 9:30 - 00:00 
  • Sunday: 12:00 - 00:00

bitcoin atm on a photo in spain
Hopefully this photo will help you find it!

You will not mistake a ATMs with any other, as its appearance alludes to the characteristic Bitcoin symbol. Just in case, download exact location directions for Google maps to your smartphone. After using the ATM, we encourage you to leave feedback that may be helpful to other users.

map of shopping mall with the bitcoin atm inside
This map shows the location of this Bitcoin ATM on the map of the shopping mall Centro Comercial Espai Girones

New Bitcoin ATM in Spain - summary

City: Girona

Location: Centro Comercial Espai Gironès


Camí dels Carlins, 10

17190 Salt Girona

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