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Reflections on Bitcoin ATMs in Madrid at EBC2023
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Reflections on Bitcoin ATMs in Madrid at EBC2023

The 8th European Blockchain Convention took place between the 15th-17th February 2023 in Barcelona bringing together hundreds of speakers and thousands of attendees.

Reflections on the European Blockchain Convention 2023

The 8th European Blockchain Convention took place between the 15th-17th February 2023 in  Barcelona bringing together hundreds of speakers and thousands of attendees. These included regulators, law makers, bankers, lawyers, media representatives as well as many blockchain founders and CEOs. It was a great place to meet and network to find out what were the current burning issues for the crypto world. Being that this convention is one of the most important regular crypto events in Europe that brings together leaders in this field meant it was a good opportunity for to find out what was up. had their own stand at the convention and were there to make new contacts and promote the company, in order to help expand their operations.


What are the future plans for Bitcoin ATMs?

Well, firstly the team met with investors, interested parties, and received quite a few offers. These concerned locations of where they could place their Bitcoin ATMs, as well as offers of help for entering new countries. Some were unsuitable to their business model but overall the reception was positive. They even got an interview with the CoinTelegraph team, one of the leading websites covering crypto news.

Locations where you might next see one of their Bitcoin ATMs are:

  • In a Barcelona football stadium
  • In a crypto bar near Valencia
  • In Sweden
  • In Andorra, the small country between Spain and France

These are some of the possibilities where they could put their crypto ATMs. 

Can you join the discussion on Bitcoin ATMs?

What do you think of these locations, and is it something you would like to see happen? Join the telegram group or find the instagram here to tell them what you think, or to keep up to date with the latest offers and news concerning Bitcoin ATMs.

What kind of topics were covered at the EBC23?

Well, first and foremost, the most current topics were about new token and cryptocurrencies which were trying to place themself in the market and break out. Secondly, many online crypto exchanges were also present at the convention. Even were there with the idea to launch a new exchange called This is a very new project and more information will be available at a future date. Thirdly, regulations were on everybody’s lips because until there are new regulations like MiCA in Europe or new regulations in the USA, the market is going to keep going mainly sideways, as there is no clear understanding of what a good project actually looks like for now, which brings us onto use cases. 

Many use cases for crypto may be impressive but the market is still largely driven by hype. Add to this the fact that the division between the different types of cryptocurrencies is not yet clear, even though more savvy investors will know the difference between stablecoins, utility coins, meme coins, banking and retail CBDCs as well as coins connected to finance, Web3 coins, not to mention many others. The fact that the boundaries are still not yet clearly developed shows that crypto is still, in some sense, in the beginning stage of adoption.

What we do know is that crypto is here to stay and is still the exciting and quickly-developing space for real world use-cases and investors alike. When the two finally will see eye to eye, we can expect a bull run and integration of crypto tech into the public sphere. 

What can be done at a Bitcoin ATM?

At a Bitcoin ATM you can easily buy or sell many cryptocurrencies, which makes it an ideal place to do just that - better even than an online exchange due to the low fees and regular offers available. The coins on offer range from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether (USDT) to Litecoin and Dash. Dash in fact has only been reintroduced into Bitcoin ATMs about a week ago by You can buy all these by inserting cash into the ATM, or you can sell these tokens to the company and they will pay out the equivalent amount to you in cash. 

When will the next EBC23 be?

Victoria Gago, the co-founder of the EBC, has already written an email concerning the next EBC, which should be announced soon (expect Oct-Nov 2023), with the added information that they might double the number of attendees to 4,000, so it should be a much bigger event!

It is good to see crypto thriving in Europe. Join the social media accounts, especially Telegram and Instagram, to keep most up-to-date with what they are doing. To see where’s Bitcoin ATMs are situated, click the link to see a map for your country, or for a whole world view check out the CoinATMRadar website.

In any case, welcomes new and old investors for safe, fast, and cheap crypto transactions! 

See you soon at a Bitcoin ATM near you!

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Juan Carli

Blockchain developer, used to own 2 Bitcoin ATM locations in Madrid

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