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Speakers and Bitcoin ATMs in Madrid at the European Blockchain Convention 2023
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Speakers and Bitcoin ATMs in Madrid at the European Blockchain Convention 2023

Everything about Bitcoin ATMs at EBC 2023!

Was there anything about Bitcoin ATMs at the EBC?

Apart from some employees from the company CoinFlip, the only company with a stall at the convention was They had their very own ATM with them on display and were on hand to answer any questions and spread awareness about their ATMs. These Bitcoin ATMs can quickly, safely and smoothly convert cash into certain cryptocurrencies and vice versa. 

Who was at the European Blockchain Convention apart from Bitcoin ATM operators?

There were a lot of blockchain businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, as well as government and corporate vips. This amounted to a melange of different outlooks and sectors which made for a good mix of ideas and approaches for crypto moving forward. 

What were the lectures about and who was speaking?

Compiled in a list below are the different speakers who attended and joined in with the lectures. The topics discussed ranged from finance, security, the future of crypto, and the possible utility for blockchain technologies to such things as regulations, tokenization, and investment strategies. Below is a complete list of all the lectures which were held in the Hyatt Hotel in Barcelona during the convention, the speakers who took part, and a little about the companies they work for and the services they provide. The mix was very diverse!

DAY 1 (Thursday, 16th February) 

Lecture name: Custody, Wallets & Exchanges: Keeping Your Crypto Safe

Maria Apogeni, CEO, BITMarkets

Bitmarkets is an exchange where you can trade crypto.

Serra Wei, Founder & CEO, Aegis Custody

Aegis Custody is a licensed and insured digital and traditional asset custodian that provides institutional grade, one-stop blockchain based custodial solution.Aegis are Hong Kong based, and have a Company Service Provider License (TCSP) and can set up a company for businesses in Hong Kong. 

Clarisse Hagège, Founder & CEO, DFNS

A De-fi business: Generate configurable wallets at scale, manage segregated accounts, sign transactions at high-speed, set up business rules, and monitor balance in-real-time via API.

Lecture name: What's Next After the FTX Crash?

Inbar Preiss, Europe Crypto Policy Reporter, TheBlock

Professional crypto news website, with news for traders and investors too.

Robert Le, Crypto Analyst, Pitchbook

Private equity investment support and management. Provide services for Airbnb, and crypto etc.

Kevin Murcko, Founder & CEO, Coinmetro

Coinmetro is an EU licensed exchange and holds active registrations with regulators in the USA, Australia and Canada.

Aziz Kenjaev, Head of Partnerships, GammaX

Exchange, order-book based CEX and permissionless DEX with up to 20x leverage.

GammaX solves the security and custody issues centralized exchanges face through audited smart contracts by using StarkWare, which utilizes the Ethereum mainnet as an established, public commitment layer. Starkware’s software deploys a family of cryptographic proofs that are zero-knowledge, succinct, transparent, and post-quantum to support computational integrity for general computations off-chain.

Michael Jackson, Board Director, Fabric Ventures

Investors in the open economy builders, businesses and networks.

Lecture name: Building Infrastructure for Institutional Crypto Adoption

Madeleine Boys, Head of Community, GBBC

Global Blockchain Business Council is the largest industry association for the blockchain technology and digital assets community. Swiss-based, and focussed on regulations and businesses.

Glib Udovychenko, Founder & CEO, Whitepay

SaaS (Software as a Service) company. Their team presents cryptocurrency payment solutions for online and offline businesses, believing crypto is the future of payments.

David Engel, Head Of Business Development, StarkWare

StarkWare develops STARKex. Their products facilitate secure, trustless, and scalable blockchain applications.

Rajiv Sainani, Head of European Business Development, MakerDAO

Creator of the well-known stablecoin, DAI.

Vincent Dulhoste, CTO, Kaiko

They provide businesses with crypto market data.

Lecture name: The New Era of Crypto Card

Simone Binotto, CEO, CODEGO

A kind of banking app like Revolut but for a business’s customers (core banking solution).

Lecture name: The Staking Economy

Michael Gauckler, Chief Product Officer, Bitcoin Suisse

Swiss investment consultants.

Robert Ellison, CGO, Allnodes

A non-custodial platform where you can host Masternodes, Validator Nodes,

Super Nodes, Sentry Nodes, Full Nodes, and partake in Staking in over 60 protocols.

Eva Lawrence, Head of EMEA, Figment

Staking solutions for exchanges, fintechs etc.

Lecture name: Why Market Making is Key for a Crypto Market Recovery

Joseph Hall, Reporter, Cointelegraph

One of the leading crypto news websites.

Guilhem Chaumont, Co-Founder & CEO, Flowdesk

Algorithmic crypto trading.

John Murillo, Chief Dealing Officer, B2Broker

Patrick Heusser, CCO, Crypto Finance

A Swiss company which has a market-leading, integrated platform that enables access to invest in, manage, trade, and store digital assets securely. Connected to Deutsche Börse AG, a capital market company.

Stef Wynendaele, Head of Commercial Strategy, Keyrock

Offer trading services, based in Belgium.

David Tunian, Head of Business Development, WhiteBit

An exchange with their own token: WBT.

Lecture name: Restoring Trust in The Crypto Industry

Lea Narzis, Core Engineer, Parity Technologies

“Blockchain Infrastructure for the Decentralised Web”. They offer services like On-chain governance protocol upgrades, Proof-of-Authority consensus, and Private Ethereum transactions.

Carlos Fragoso, Principal Subject Matter Expert & Lead Instructor, Maltego Technologies

Cyber security solutions.

Thanos Tsavlis, Co-Founder & CEO, Cyberscope

One of the leading auditing firms specializing in smart contract audits and consulting, having audited more than 1,000 blockchain projects and NFTs. Official partners of all major launchpads like PinkSale, DxSale and UniCrypt.

Gabi Urrutia, VP of Security, Halborn

Ethical hackers who check the security of your systems.

Yasir Qayam, Co-Founder & COO, KwikTrust

They offer safe digital signatures for contracts, invoices or other documents required by businesses.

Michael Fasanello, Crypto Compliance Officer, AnChain.AI

They offer AI for smart contract auditing and analytics, plus many other machine learning and AI blockchain uses like AML compliance etc.

Lecture name: Shaping CBDCs for Consumers and Businesses

Erwin Voloder, Senior Policy Fellow, European Blockchain Association

James Wallis, VP Central Bank Engagements and CBDCs, Ripple

Cross-border payments, creator of XRP.

Laurent Marochini, Head of Innovation, Société Générale Securities Services

Emma Landriault, Blockchain & Digital Asset Product Lead, Scotiabank

A Canadian bank.

Nadia Filali, Head of Blockchain Programs, Caisse des Dépôts

Lecture name: How to Tell If a Web3 Project Is Secure

Sebastian Banescu, Head of Germany, Quantstamp

They offer security and risk assessment services, including smart contracts.

Lecture name: Building Trust and Transparency in Digital Assets

David Creer, Global DLT & Crypto Lead, GFT

Creators of the Gifto token, which allows you to give blockchain gifts to friends and family.

Dorian Vincileoni, Business Development Manager, Kucoin Exchange

A great exchange for alt-coins and hot new tokens.

Suzanne Morsfield, Global Head of Accounting Solutions, Lukka

A crypto tax and accounting software provider.

Philippe Verriest, Head of Innovation, Euroclear

Enable domestic and cross-border securities transactions.

Benedikt Angerer, Communication and Brand Lead, Bitpanda Technology Solutions

An exchange where you can invest in crypto, stocks, commodities or precious metals. They also claim to provide the world’s first crypto index investment option.

Lecture name: How to Bring 1bn Users to Decentralized Finance?

Sergej Kunz, Co-Founder, 1inch

A DEX (decentralized exchange) which has even recently launched their first hardware wallet.

Lecture name: Web3 Will Change Privacy As We Know It

Marta Piekarska, Director of DAO & Web3 Strategy, ConsenSys

Offer smart contract auditing, building applications on Ethereum and participating in DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and the metaverse.

Nanak Nihal Khalsa, Co-Founder, Holonym Foundation

Lecture name: Building Trust in Web3: An Opportunity for Europe's Sovereignty

Nadia Filali, Head of Blockchain Programs, Caisse des Dépôts

Lecture name: The Future of Money: DeFi and Stablecoins

Joon Ian Wong, Co-Founder, ACJR Network

The association of cryptocurrency journalists and researchers

Stani Kulechov, Founder & CEO, AAVE

A decentralized lending protocol.

Keynote lecture: Crypto Liquidity Aggregation

John Murillo, Chief Dealing Officer, B2Broker

Lecture name: Safeguarding the Financial Revolution

Michael Fasanello, Crypto Compliance Officer, AnChain.AI

Lecture name: Essential Infrastructure for Crypto Enterprises, Institutions and DAOs

Maha Al Saadi, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Director, Bankhaus Scheich / Tradias

Tradias is a FinTech service provider, IT provider and service platform in the areas of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Bankhaus Scheich is a bank based in Frankfurt who have the German BaFin licence, which made it a securities trading bank.

Berken Menges, Head of Marketing, CoinTracking

Provide a coin tracking software that prepares tax reports and tracks all your investments.

Antoine Scalia, Founder and CEO, Cryptio

An app that allows institutional-grade accounting, audit, and can be used as a tax software for your crypto assets.

Lecture name: If Warren Buffet Did Crypto

Kate Levchuk, Institutional Sales, Prime Liquidity CEX.IO

A quite popular centralized exchange.

Lecture name: What Methods Can We Take from TradFi to Value Crypto Assets

Alex Wenham, Digital Asset Product & Strategy, Bloomberg

One of the most powerful and important financial sites on the internet.

Vangelis Andrikopoulos, Investment Analyst, CoinFund

Matthew Sigel, Head of Digital Assets Research, VanEck

Anais Rachel, Independent Analyst

Lecture name: How Technology Is Enabling Institutional ESG

Emilie Allaert, Project Lead, Luxembourg Blockchain Lab

Dr. Andres Ruiz, Head of Research, Codos Foundation

Markus Ament, Co-Founder, Centrifuge

Gabriel Ibghy, General Counsel, HIVE Blockchain Technologies

Dana Gibber, Co-Founder & CEO, Flowcarbon

Lecture name: New Ways to Invest in Digital Assets, Real Estate and Energy Projects

Jürgen Poelz, lCOO and Co-Founder, artèQ & Qlindo

Lecture name: Making Blockchain a Reality: Key Challenges and How to Solve Them.

Salvatore Provenzano, VP Sales, Europe SettleMint

They give developers the infrastructure and tools they need to quickly and easily build decentralized applications (dApps).

Lecture name: Securing Liquidity Ownership and Decentralized Token Vesting

Antoine Chaveron, CEO & Co-Founder, Unicrypt

They offer multi-chain decentralized protocols & services.

Lecture name: Can Regulation Be a Game Changer in Crypto?

José Luis Perán, Head of delivery for financial services, VASS

A huge Spanish corporation providing digital solutions in the Banking, Insurance, Energy, Telecom and Industrial sectors.

Coty De Monteverde, Head of Crypto & Blockchain, Banco Santander

The largest bank in Spain.

Francisco Maroto, Blockchain Lead, BBVA

The second largest bank in Spain (also located in many other countries) who are currently interested in entering the Polish market.

María Ñiguez Olalla, IT Lawyer, EJASO

A Spanish multidisciplinary law firm that provides a comprehensive range of multi-discipline specialist legal and consultation services in numerous branches of law. They are also based in Portugal.

Lecture name: Building Web3

Manel SortCEO & Co-Founder, Games For A Living

Justin RiceVP of Ecosystem, Stellar Development Foundation

Antoni Zolciak Co-Founder & CMO, Aleph Zero

Lecture name: Is Crypto Still Attracting Institutional Money?

Sebastian Becciu, Senior Ops Specialist, Sygnum Bank

A digital asset bank based in Switzerland and Singapore.

Daniel Vegue, Partner & Chief Strategic Officer, Block Asset Management

Maurice Mureau, CEO & Co-Founder, HODL

Julien Bouteloup, Founder & CEO, Stake Capital

Lecture name: Web3 & Crypto: Building Trust in Digital Finance

Hasan Bracic, Vice President, Bing X

An online crypto exchange, which has regulatory approval in Lithuania, U.S., Canada, and Australia. They have offices in North America, Canada, the EU, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Lecture name: The Impact of the Metaverse on Society

Jemima Kelly, Columnist, Financial Times

Financial Times are one of the leading financial newspapers and online news sites.

Robby Yung, CEO, Animoca Brands

Leo Kahn, CEO, Undeads Metaverse

Lecture name: Is the Metaverse the Next Version of the Internet

David Palmer, Blockchain Lead, Vodafone

Leon Lanen, Head of Operations, Bit Hotel

Lukasz Plewa, Head of Blockchain & Economy, DRKVRS

Nicolas Benhamou, Founder & CCO, Algoritcom

Lecture name: Integrating Security into Smart Contracts

Søren Meilstrup, Security Software Architect, Banshie

A Danish cybersecurity company.

Lecture name: What Comes in 2023 for Crypto Market? What Are We Waiting For?

Jason H. Jang, Group Chief Information Officer, Centurion Invest

An online crypto exchange based in Lithuania.

Lecture name: Top Crypto Predictions to Watch Out For in 2023

James Ryan, VP of Marketing, GammaX

An online crypto exchange which offers 20x leverage and also operates as a DEX.

Sarah Gottwald, Managing Director Blockchain, Founders Group

Chia Jeng Yang, Web3 VC, Pantera Capital

Pierre Chuzeville, Investor, Lattice Fund

Lecture name: What's Next for Institutions in the Digital Space?

Thibault Leroy Bürki, Chairman & CEO, Haute Capital Partners

Andrew Robinson, Institutional Sales & Trading, Coinbase

Probably the biggest online crypto exchange in the US.

Manuel Nordeste, VP, Fidelity Digital Assets, Fidelity Investments

Valérie Noël, Head of Trading, Syz Group

Lecture name: Infrastructure for Institutional Digital Asset Adoption

Marc Taverner, Co-Founder and COO, XEROF

Chris Jones, CIO Securities Services & Head of MSS IT Strategy and Digital Assets IT, HSBC

One of the biggest banks in the world, with their headquarters in China.

Xavier Alabart, CTO, SEBA Bank

A FINMA regulated Swiss bank.

DAY 2 (Friday, 17th February) 

Lecture name: Shaping the Future of Crypto Regulation

Robert Kopitsch, Secretary General, Blockchain for Europe

A Brussels based membership organization that works with policymakers, academics and their member companies to develop a European regulatory framework to support and promote blockchain-based innovation. 

Justine Scerri Herrera, Partner, MK Fintech Partners

A Maltese law firm specializing in crypto.

Ernest Lima, Partner, XReg Consulting

They are a group of former policymakers and financial regulators on a mission to make crypto safe and successful.

Joachim Schwerin, Principal Economist, European Commission

Przemyslaw Kral, CEO, Zonda

A well known crypto exchange in Poland.

Jonathan Turnham, Partner, Travers Thorp Alberga

Lecture name: Web3: Where Is the Opportunity in 2023

Cathy He, Investment Associate, NGC Ventures

Jingwei Li, VC Investor, Fidelity International Strategic Ventures

Lecture name: The Case for Institutional-grade DeFi

Stephanie Ramezan, Head of UK, Gemini

A famous crypto exchange (owned by the Winklevoss Twins) with their own stablecoin, the Gemini Dollar, GUSD.

Philipp Zentner, CEO, LI.FI

Henrik Gebbing, Co-Founder & co-CEO, Finoa

Lecture name: How to Navigate the Legal Landscape in Digital Assets

Alireza Siadat, Lawyer & Partner, Annerton

A German-based law firm founded in 2020 which specialises in regulatory law in the financial sector.

Oliver Linch, CEO, Bittrex Global

An online trading platform based in Liechtenstein.

Dr. Thomas Nägele, Managing Partner, NÄGELE Attorneys at Law

A law firm from Liechtenstein specializing in blockchain.

Kevin Plumpton, CEO, KYRREX

Kyrrex is a regulated crypto-fiat platform based in Malta, with their own token KRRX, available on Huobi, the chinese exchange.

Joshua Ashley Klayman, Head of Blockchain & Digital Assets, Linklaters

A huge and reputable global law firm.

Lecture name: The Challenge of Decentralized Business Models

Miguel Arias, General Partner, K FUND

Anton Pastoriza, Associate Director, BCG Platinion

Alan Draguilow, Head of Product & Operations, Prosegur Crypto

Lecture name: How To Design Privacy Protocols That Black Hats Will Not Use

Adam Gagol, Co-Founder & CTO, Aleph Zero

Lecture name: When DeFi Meets TradFi

Rajiv Sainani, Head of European Business Development, MakerDAO

The creators of the stablecoin, DAI.

Sylvain Prigent, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Societe Generale – FORGE

Lecture name: Sports & Entertainment

Bianca Andreea, Developer Advocate Balancer

Teodora Ivanova, VP Football, Dapper Labs

Jean-Charles Gaudechon, CEO, OneFootball Labs

Pablo Monti, Brand Ambassador, BingX

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO, Chiliz &

Lecture name: Best Practices in the Metaverse

Maria Von Scheel-Plessen, Senior Luxury Industry Leader

Lecture name: Decentralized Custody 101: Not Your Keys, Still Your Coins

Clarisse Hagège, Founder & CEO, DFNS

Lecture name: Zero Knowledge for Private Identity on Public Blockchains

Shady El Damaty, Co-Founder, Holonym Foundation

Offer a zero-knowledge identity passport for private proofs of identity.

Lecture name: Issuing Digital Assets & Revolutionizing Financial Markets

Bernard Nicolay, Adjunct Professor of Finance, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management

Victor Busson, CMO & Head of Strategic Partnerships, Taurus

A regulated digital asset exchange.

Kasper Luyckx, Head of Product, Crypto Finance

Thomas Jeulin, Head of Sales, Flowdesk

Provide a service of algorithmic crypto trading.

Jonathan Lessman, CMO, SWIAT

Lecture name: Leveling Up DeFi

Chandar Lal, Principal, Mosaic Ventures

Ivo Grigorov, CEO, Credefi

Francesco Abbate, Chairman, 1inch PRO

Alex Strzesniewski, Founder & CEO, AngelBlock

Mounir Benchemled, Founder, ParaSwap

Keynote lecture: CBDC Platform for Innovation

Antony Welfare, Senior Advisor, CBDC Europe & Global Partnerships, Ripple

Lecture name: Undeads Metaverse

Leo Kahn, CEO, Undeads Metaverse

Lecture name: How Can Your Business Accept Crypto?

Glib Udovychenko, Founder & CEO, Whitepay

SaaS (Software as a Service) company. Their team presents cryptocurrency payment solutions for online and offline businesses, believing crypto is the future of payments.

Lecture name: A Dive Into Metaverse

Cristina Carrascosa, Founder & Managing Partner, ATH21

Joaquin Tusquets, Web3 Advsior, Algoritcom

Adhikar Naidu, Co-Founder, Signa X

Narek Mnatsakanian, CEO, BLOCK’d

Pedro Lopez Belmonte, Web3 & Tech Innovation, Richemont

Lecture name: Agility and Evolution In Bitcoin Mining: HIVE's Sustainable Approach to Growth

Aydin Kilic, President & COO, HIVE Blockchain Technologies

Johanna Thornblad, Country President Sweden, Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd.

Lecture name: Stablecoins Unlock Adoption of Crypto for Payments

Yves-Michel Leporcher, Blockchain Expert, European Tech School & Sky Thread

Ewoud Barink, Business Development Director, Worldpay

Avishkar Sharma, Head of Crypto Partnerships,

Teana Baker-Taylor, VP, Policy & Regulatory Strategy UK/EU, Circle

Creators of USDC stablecoin, one of the best stablecoins out there.

Radoslav Albrecht, Founder & CEO, Bitbond

Lecture name: Crypto Winter: What's Next for Startups

Maria-Eneva Olms, Founder, EkoLance

Susanne Fromm, Partner & Co-Founderm, Vanagon Ventures

Matus Steis, Token Design Lead, Outlier Ventures

David Wigger, Managing Director, LIAN Group

Lecture name: A New Era for Financial Services

Lex Sokolin, Chief Crypto-economist Officer, ConsenSys

They offer smart contract auditing, build applications on Ethereum and participate in DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and the metaverse.

Emma Lovett, Markets DLT – Credit Lead, JPMorgan Chase

Matthew James, Head of Special Projects, Fasanara Capital

Jose Luis Perán, Head of delivery for financial services, VASS

Jason H. Jang, Group Chief Information Officer, Centurion Invest

Lecture name: Crypto's Institutional Lending Market

Jamie Knowles, Institutional Sales Director, Galaxy Digital

Michael Hall, Founding Partner & CIO, Nickel Digital Asset Management

Leeor Groen, Director, The Spartan Group

Lecture name: Enterprise Blockchain for a Sustainable Future

Maria-Eneva Olms, Founder, EkoLance

Marcos Carrera, Head of Blockchain & Web3 Iberia, Fujitsu

Salvatore Provenzano, VP Sales, Europe SettleMint

Mariana De La Roche, Senior Regulatory Affairs Expert, IOTA

Lecture name: Web3 Media

Amaury Dalleur, Marketing & Partnerships, SingularityDAO

Michael Litman, Senior Director of Web3 & NFT’s, Media.Monks

Itai Elizur, COO & Partner, MarketAcross

Lecture name: Raising Money During Bear Markets

Amos Meiri, Founding Partner, Node Capital

Maria Alegre, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Flori Ventures

Jahed Momand, Co-Founder & General Partner, Cerulean Ventures

Lecture name: Tokenization of Digital Assets

Mariano Giralt, Head of EMEA Digital, BNY Mellon

Prashant Malik, Senior Technology Lead – Digital Assets, HSBC

Joe Leung, VP Blockchain & Digital Assets, J.P. Morgan

Esther Teuber, Senior Legal Counsel Intrapreneur Digital Assets Strategy & Innovation, ABN AMRO

Lecture name: Your Data, Your Income

Sabrina Bonini, Founder, Cripto Es Cultura

Alfonso De La Rocha, Research Engineer, Protocol Labs

Ioana Surpateanu, Chief Innovation Officer, Swash

Lecture name: Crypto at the Crossroads: Where Next?

Chris Aruliah, CCO, BCB Group

Hartmut Giesen, Business Development, Sutor Bank

Denitza Vatchkova, Business Development, Bullish

A fairly new and small crypto exchange. They write on their website they are interested in  TradFi, CeFi, and DeFi.


Eva Lawrence, Head of EMEA, Figment

They offer staking solutions for exchanges, fintechs etc.

Lecture name: Tokenization of Real World Assets

Claudia Giraldo, Co-Founder & CMO, Common Sense Finance

Maroun Altekly, Co-Founder, BlocHome

Lecture name: Blockchain Initiatives

Tommaso Astazi, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Blockchain for Europe

Juan Jiménez, CEO, Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem

Nena Dokuzov, Head of Project Group for New Economy & Blockchain, Ministry of Economic Development & Technology, Slovenia

Joao Rodrigues Frade, Head of Sector of the Digital Building Blocks, European Commision

Lecture name: The Future of Privacy in Web3

Bryn Bennet, Co-Founder, Secret Agency DAO

Jaya Brekke, Chief Strategy Officer, Nym Technologies

They allow 3rd party apps to anonymize any arbitrary ‘key : value’ pairs, so users can privately reveal part or all of their data at their discretion for any necessary compliance and authentication. This is to make absolute privacy of data throughout the internet possible. They also have their own token.

Oskars Jepsis, CEO & Co-Founder, ALTER Network

Fraser Edwards, CEO, cheqd

Their mission is to make people’s online and retail information anonymous from the time when we shop and pay using cards to when we go online.

Is there any way to find out more about Bitcoin ATMs?

The easiest way to find out more about Bitcoin ATMs is to go to recently opened, one of the largest repositories with Bitcoin ATMs, called, next to coinatmradar.

Are there good websites about Bitcoin ATMs in Spain?

Yes! If you visit Madrid Cajero Bitcoin, you can find out about the ATMs located in Spain but also find many good articles about cryptocurrencies, how taxes work in crypto, plus many interesting threads to educate yourself about Bitcoin ATMs.  

What if I have some questions about Bitcoin ATMs or want to talk to somebody?

If you need to ask a technical question about Bitcoin ATMs you can send an email to or simply join the Telegram group mentioned above, where you can ask, discuss and discover so much more about Bitcoin ATMs. If you prefer to directly talk to someone, call one of the trained agents who can take your call immediately. You can find the telephone number of the support team and working hours in the link.

In addition to this you could also join socials for Crypto Communities to keep up to date with offers, development and expansions made by the company. Have you got Telegram? If so, the Telegram Bitcoin ATM group is very active and regularly features the best of what has to offer.

Juan Carli

Blockchain developer, used to own 2 Bitcoin ATM locations in Madrid

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